February 6, 2016



Learn to Play. A practical program to develop a child’s imaginative play

by Karen Stagnitti

This book includes the Symbolic and Imaginative Play Developmental Checklist.

A dynamic interactive programme to develop imaginative play. Use the Learn to Play Program with reproducible handouts for parents and caregivers to foster a child’s ability to play independently.

Occupational therapists, speech pathologists, special education teachers, preschool fieldwork officers and early childhood workers can use Learn to Play. The book is a valuable resource of reproducible

play activities for parents, carers and teachers of young children from birth to six years with developmental delays, autistic spectrum disorders and language disorders.

Learn to play would also be useful for those working with children with visual impairment.

Paperback | 1998

ISBN 0958572100

RRP $120 AUD

Publisher Coordinates Publishers

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Kids – ‘Go for your life” Active Play Program: a program for early childhood services.

by Karen Stagnitti, et al.

This is a book designed for use in early childhood settings. The book contains practical activities to increase children’s fundamental movement skills. It contains activities on rolling, ball skills, running, jumping, kicking, hopping, leaping, galloping and calming activities. This book also contains culturally appropriate games. Suitable for early childhood workers, pre-school teachers, day care workers and parents.

Paperback | 2009

ISBN 9780980333114

RRP (Out of print). Free PDF download Kids Go for your life Active Play Program




Structured Active Play Program

by Karen Stagnitti, et al.

This is a book is the precursor to the Kids – ‘Go for your life” Active Play Program. It is no longer in print.

Online PDF | 2007

ISBN 9780980333107

RRP Free (PDF download) Structured Active Play Book

Publisher Deakin University and Romp and Chomp Project






Play to Learn Building Literacy in the Early Years

Play to Learn Building Literacy in the Early Years

by Karen Stagnitti & Louise Jellie

Paperback | June 2006.

eBook | August 2011

Play to Learn: building literacy in the early years was written for use for school children in the classroom. If you work with children in primary/elementary school, then this book may be useful to you. If incorporates pretend play activities within the classroom to build narrative language, logical sequential thought and problem solving.

ISBN 13: 9781863666954

RRP $39.95

Publisher Educational Services Australia (formally Curriculum Corporation)

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Play As Therapy Assessment and Therapeutic Interventions

by Karen Stagnitti & Rodney Cooper

While paediatric healthcare professionals view play as the treatment tool of choice for

Play As Therapy Assessment and Therapeutic Interventions

children under school age, the theory and practice underpinning play-based therapeutic approaches often remain less clear to individual practitioners. Paediatric intervention approaches are increasingly being questioned, and individual practitioners constantly asked to provide evidence-based practice.

In response, a more coherent understanding and fresh discussion on children’s play and utilisation of play for therapeutic purposes is needed, especially as societal expectations and lifestyles change.”Play as Therapy” provides background theory and practical applications of original research on play assessment and interventions used in therapy. The book offers a solid foundation for identifying and assessing play dysfunction, understanding play in different cultural contexts and considerations when intervening with play. The practical approach is underpinned by theory, research and case vignettes to explain how to utilise play as therapy with challenging children.

Paperback | 2009

ISBN 13: 9781843106371

RRP £19.99 / $49.95 /$48.95

Publisher Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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Playthings : 101 uses for everyday objects

by Karen Stagnitti & illustrated by Teresa Treffry

Paperback | 2009

ISBN 187636761X

Publisher Educational Services Australia (formally Curriculum Corporation)

RRP Out of print. A downloadable pdf will be available soon.






Clinical and Fieldwork Placement in the Health Professions

Clinical and Fieldwork Placement in the Health Professions

Second Edition

by Karen Stagnitti, Adrian Schoo, & Dianne Welch

A logical approach takes you from student to health professional

Part 1 covers broader issues such as getting ready for placement, your role, rights and responsibilities, supervision, assessment and working in teams. Part 2 provides information on a variety of clinical fieldwork placement settings, and how to prepare for each. Part 3 helps you transition from student to fieldwork educator and includes information about recruiting students back to your workplace. Encourages multidisciplinary practice.

The key to good health practice is to have all health professionals working together successfully with shared skills in reflective practice and in engaging clients in care. This text uses clinical examples to demonstrate interdisciplinary teamwork in action, and encourages reflective and ethical practice.

Great depth and diversity of experience from health practitioners across Australia provides a well-rounded approach to your fieldwork experience, including interviews with clinical supervisors from nursing and allied health professions.

New to this edition:

  • New chapter, ‘Working in Palliative Care’
  • New chapter, ‘Becoming a Reflective Practitioner’
  • Portfolio development exercises, which help to shape a student’s clinical portfolio
  • More detail on competency standards for students on placement
  • A ‘supervisor profile’ (interview) within each chapter of Part 2 shows students the role of the supervisor and the supervisor’s expectations during placement.

Paperback and eBook | May 2013

ISBN 9780195528602

Publisher Oxford University Press

RRP $68.95 AUD (but prices vary from $49.50 to $112.50 depending on outlet, see below)

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ChIPPA : The Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment (manual and assessment kit)

by Karen Stagnitti

ChIPPA : The Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment (manual and assessment kit)

The Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment (ChIPPA) is a norm-referenced standardized assessment of a child’s imaginative or pretend play skills. The ChIPPA takes 18 minutes to administer to 3 year olds and 30 minutes to administer to children from 4 years to 7 years and assesses the spontaneous self initiation of both symbolic and conventional-imaginative play in a standard format. It is clinically viable but can also be administered in the home or school setting. Suitable for children who are developmentally delayed, are at risk of learning problems, have a specific diagnosis such as Downs Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Also suitable for children who have a physical disability and or been traumatised or neglected. Can be used in clinical settings, preschools, schools, early childhood settings and home. The kit contains Manual, Scoring CD ROM, Instructional DVD, all test toys and materials.

This assessment is invaluable to professionals working in paediatrics such as: occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, preschool fieldwork officers, and teachers with special education training.

Assessment Kit | 2007

RRP $1100 AUD

Publisher Coordinates Publishers

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Download – Further information on ChIPPA